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   We are eager to coordinate with you!  We know you are all very busy with client
   care, so coordinating dental hygiene services for your residents will be a design 
   that works as effortlessly for you as possible. You tell us what options will work  
   best for you. If the original coordination design turns out to not work as well as
   planned, we can refine it at any time. 
   The goal is to provide preventive dental services to several residents on a
   scheduled day. It would be best if we could set up in one location and have the 
   clients come to us rather than go from room to room. Some facilities have us set
   up in a roomy bathroom, sometimes a hair salon, sometimes in an office space or
   empty room in the facility. Ideally this would be a room that has a sink. What
   location will work best at your facility?  
                                   4 Steps To Client Care 

                                        1. Getting the word out
   Sending out a letter to the families of current residents works well to announce
   the availability of dental hygiene services. If you prefer that we contact the client
   families to announce the availability of our services, we can coordinate this
   option with you. We have a sample letter that can be customized with your
   letterhead or logo. We also have brochures to leave with you, and can send more
   for you to give new and prospective clients and their families, and to include in a
   welcome packet. This will not only help new residents to receive care, but will
   also add a marketing advantage for your facility!  

                                  2. Application Forms Distributed
   We can send packets of application forms for you to keep on hand to give client
   families when they want to find out about getting dental hygiene services for their
   loved one. Some facilities keep the electronic templates of the application forms on
   file, and make copies as they need them, keeping 2-3 sets on hand. Let us know
   how this will work best for you. We can also make arrangements to have interested
   families contact us, and we will send the paperwork directly to them. We can
   coordinate one or both of these options with you.
                                          3. Forms Returned
   Families can return the application forms to you or send the paperwork directly to
   us. One way or the other, we will need to see three of the application documents
   once they have been filled out and signed:

   Depending on a system that works for you, these 3 forms, once filled out and
   signed by a client or DPOA, will need to be faxed to us at least one week before a
   scheduled clinic, and kept at your facility in a "pending for dental care" file. We will
   collect these forms on the date of services.

                                          4. Dr's Orders
   We need to establish standing orders for dental hygiene services for each client. Please
   ask the resident’s physician or nurse practitioner to complete the simple  form, asking if
   the resident needs an antibiotic and/or sedative for dental hygiene services. This form
   is sent to the facility coordinator with our application packets.
   The MD/ARNP can complete and fax this form back to you, or fax it directly to us and
   we will bring a copy for you to keep with your client's medical records. 

                                         5. Facility Information

   We will need a copy of the client's face sheet from the facility which includes the client's
   full name, date of birth, POA contact information, and dental insurance information. We
   will also need copies of the dental insurance cards, including ProviderOne (Medicaid).


                                Ready To Schedule
  Once these forms have been completed, signed and returned to you or to
  us, and these forms and the facility documents have been faxed to us at
  least one week in advance of a scheduled clinic, the client is ready to
  schedule with us. Either you or we can keep a list of clients who are ready
  to receive care.  
      About a month before we visit, we will coordinate a date that works
  well for you at your facility. We will follow your direction of each resident's
  needs as far as when to place them on the schedule. Sometimes a morning
  or afternoon appointment would just be more successful for an
  individual. We will look for your guidance on the special needs of each
  client. What we usually do is create a tentative schedule and email or fax
  this to a facility coordinator for their review. If they see problems, we make
      A week or so before we arrive, medications will need to be ordered for
  the residents who need them for dental hygiene services. We will contact
  family members who want to be present for their loved one's care. We invite
  family members to be present. Many times this builds a bridge of trust
  between the client, family and us that is important to our success with the
      The day of care, residents will need their meds administered one half or
  one hour prior to their appointment time, depending on the Dr's orders,
  teeth brushed, and brought to us at our clinical station. We do not transfer
patients. If a resident uses a wheelchair that reclines, we can provide care
  without transferring, otherwise, a staff member will need to transfer the
  client to our dental chair. We also need each client’s most recent list of
  medications, most recent blood pressure and pulse readings.

We will provide a report of our services, findings and recommendations for each of the
clients we see for care. This report can be inserted in the client’s permanent
records. Urgent recommendations will be brought to the attention of a key
member such as a charge nurse before we leave the premises. 

So this is the process in a nutshell. Feel free to discuss the details with other key staff members, and we invite your questions at any time. We look forward to a
very successful professional relationship which contributes to your residents’ health
and well-being.

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